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Why Brahms

We wanted an internationally recognised name for our company that reflects the quality and beauty of what we are trying to achieve. The seriousness and beauty of music by Brahms inspires us as engineers and designers to achieve the very best for our customers in the UK and around the world.

Our Company

We started our company in 2011 with the belief that electric power is the future of funeral vehicles here and around the world.  In 2016 100 mile vehicle range and the extensive distribution of recharging sites make this a reality.

When Nissan began manufacturing the Leaf in Sunderland in the UK and we chose this vehicle as the base for the new Brahms hearse.   

The vehicles are quiet, dignified and respectful of the environment.

In 2016 we opened a new Factory Workshop in Northamptonshire where we make the Brahms Electric Hearse.

The Arnos Vale cemetery event Life, Death (and the Rest) is near the centre of Bristol BS4 3EW.

We are there on the Sunday 2nd April 2017 and its open 11am - 4pm

Do come and see us there…