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Why Brahms

We wanted an internationally recognised name for our company that reflects the quality and beauty of what we are trying to achieve. The seriousness and beauty of music by Brahms inspires us as engineers and designers to achieve the very best for our customers in the UK and around the world.

2017 has seen new entrants into the electric hearse field.  These are currently expensive competitors.  Brahms will focus on minimising environmental impact and minimising the future costs.  

Our Company

We started our company in 2011 with the belief that electric power is the future of funeral vehicles here and around the world.  When Nissan started making the Leaf in Sunderland in the UK we decided that this was our base vehicle for production.   

In 2016 we opened a new Factory Workshop in Northamptonshire

where we make the

Electric Hearses.

They are mainly black but sometimes Silver. Maroon or White.

Experience of using our hearses with FDs has taught us that many different types of families value different aspects of the electric hearse.  

Yes, its seen as a celebration of green lifestyle but it is also seen as a gentle and less ostentatious but still an appropriately prestigious vehicle.